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Event: 'Odyssey Con VII'

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Date: Friday, April 13, 2007 At 01:00:00 AM
Contact Info:
Odyssey Con PO Box 7114 Madison, WI 53707 (608) 772-4455
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Radisson Inn, Madison, Wisconsin

Fannish fandango SuperMoo, it looks like trouble in Moo-Tropolis!”

Odyssey Con is coming back for a seventh year. We return to the The Radisson Inn on Madison’s west side, April 13-15, 2007, with more great panels, dealers’ room, gaming, an art show, and new media programming.

Odyssey Con is a general interest Science Fiction and Fantasy convention. We feature literary guests, panel discussions, demonstrations, film reviews, art work, musical acts, and much more. With around 350 members, we have a great guest-to-attendee ratio. If you are a first time attendee, or a long time 'fan', you'll find OddCon is an enjoyable, entertaining and comfortable convention. It's easy to join, send in a registration form or register at the door, and enjoy a weekend of interesting ideas and fun events. Invite your friends to join! Everyone's invited! (well, except for the vampires, pretty sure we're not supposed to invite them...)

Our Guests of Honor

Hugo Award winning author Joan D. Vinge is the author of the Hugo Award-winning novel Snow Queen, which is on many lists as one of the classic works of SF. Joan has written many novels in both science fiction and fantasy, such as the Psion (which tells of young men and women with psychic powers in the not too distant future) and Tangled Up in Blue (which sets a police detective in the Snow Queen’s world). Joan’s work includes several adaptations of movies to the printed page, young-adult fiction, and three collections of short stories. Ever versatile, Joan is currently working on a novel set in Bronze Age Europe. Joan is a long-time resident of Madison, where she lives with her husband, Tor Books editor Jim Frenkel.

Jack McDevitt, has won praise as an author who writes science fiction with real people and real science. Jack’s novels frequently deal with first contact with alien intelligence (as in DeepSix, and Chindi) or deal with the future with an historian’s eye to events (as in A Talent for War). Jack is an engaging speaker who brings his many interests to discussions. Jack lives in Georgia with his wife Maureen. His most recent novel released in November, continues his series of first-contact space adventures and is entitled Odyssey. Coincidence? You be the judge.

Professional Comic Book Artist Christopher Jones has previously appeared at Odyssey Con with fellow illustrator John Kovalic, and we are pleased to have him this year as a guest of honor in his own right. Besides working with Kovalic on Dr. Blink Superhero Shrink, he has worked for DC Comics for many years, where his current project is Batman Strikes!, and has been a regular contributor to Justice League Adventures and many other comics. Chris has a second life as a major fan, being one of the co-founders of ConVergence in the Twin Cities.