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Event: 'Istrakon'

Regional Conventions
Small, intimate fan conventions based on a specific region of the world.
Date: Friday, March 23, 2007 At 08:00:00 AM
Contact Info:
Pazin, Croatia

Istrakon is convention of science fiction and fantasy, which is held in a small town Pazin, in Croatian region Istria.

It is organized by small group of enthusiastic people, gathered in SF & F association called "Albus".

Istrakon is usually held in March, and it lasts for one weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). During that weekend the whole town is filled by games, costumed people and interesting programs. The program is mostly based on themed lectures, fan movies, "round table" discussions, exhibitions, games, fun contents...

Every year organizers invite on Istrakon some famous person from world of SF&F. This year our guest of honor was Englishman Brian W. Aldiss, one of the world famous SF writers. Besides world famous persons, Istrakon is visited by Croatian eminent scientists and writers. We have special prize "Red dragon of Istrakon" that is awarded for special efforts in promotion of Istrakon and science fiction and fantasy. Last year (2005.) the laureate was Korado Korlevic, eminent astronomer from world known Visnjan Observatory. This year the "Red dragon" went to Tajana Stasni, costume designer specialised for SF and fantasy costumes.

Since year 2002, Istrakon publishes annually collection of short SF & F stories, mostly by Croatian authors.

Even though it is the youngest convention organized in Croatia, by now every year Istrakon gathers several hundreds visitors.

This year’s 7th Istrakon brought together about 400 SF & F fans and friends from Croatia and other countries.

Because of great efforts invested in organization of Istrakon and because it is all put into life by group of young people exclusively volunteers, Istrakon became one of the biggest conventions in Croatia.