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Event: 'Chimiracon'

Gaming conventions
Pure Gaming and Art conventions
Date: Friday, March 09, 2007 At 08:00:00 AM
Contact Info:
Crossroads Convention Center @ 4522 Fredericksburg Road, San Antonio, Texas 78201 US

6 years of gaming entertainment for all ages!               

Chimaeracon, the Annual South Texas Gaming & More Fest in San Antonio, for another round of gaming, March 9-11, '07.

We'll be at the Crossroads Convention Center at the NW hub of San Antonio. (4522 Fredericksburg Road / SA, TX)

What does that mean? It means close hotels, many affordable restaurants, arcades, multiple theaters, etc.              

Still, we are a convention for gamers by gamers. We want to know what you want. You give your opinions & suggestions, we will do our best to have them scheduled for the con.