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Event: 'JohnCon'

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Date: Friday, March 02, 2007 At 08:00:00 AM
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Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD

You don't know what JohnCon is? Well, let me explain. JohnCon is an annual gaming convention held on the Johns Hopkins University campus in the Greatest City In America, Baltimore, Maryland. Hosted by the University's science-fiction / fantasy and anime clubs, JohnCon runs 50 hours straight, beginning at 4pm on Friday and ending at 6pm on Sunday.

We offer a huge dealers' room, plenty of games (everything from board games to LARPs), a B-movie theater, 50 non-stop hours of yummy anime goodness, and best of all, GIANT PIXY STIX. Wander the website for more information, and keep checking back - new con info appears all the time.

[ See, just imagine some wings on there, and it is a bad-ass pixie ninja taking revenge and... stuff. ]

Come to JohnCon.
Resistance is futile.